The Lay Dominicans

The Lay Dominicans are part of the world wide Dominican Order, also known as the Order of Preachers. We have existed for hundreds of years and were originally known as Tertiaries or the Third Order. This is no longer considered an appropriate name, with its implication of hierarchy, as the Lay Dominicans are highly valued as an integral part of the Order’s mission- to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. Preaching for us takes as many forms as there are Lay Dominicans, most obviously within the family and workplace, but sometimes in teaching and youth work, the creative arts, journalism, prison fellowship, mentoring young offenders, volunteering; the list is long.

Lay Dominicans come from every walk of life, living fully in the world, whilst making a lifelong commitment to the Order and the spirit and charism of St Dominic. We make a vow of obedience, follow a Rule and undertake to live by the four pillars of Dominican life; prayer, study, preaching and community.

The Dominican laity are organised into fraternities which meet at least monthly for study, conversation, prayer, Mass and the Office of the Church, as well as to plan any common projects they might be involved in. There are Dominican Fraternities in London, Oxford,Cambridge, Leicester, North East, Bristol and Edinburgh as well as Fraternal Groups in other cities. The Lay Dominicans in Glasgow are an autonomous group with their own constitution, approved by the Master of the Order.