Lay Dominican Assembly: Welcome from the Leicester Fraternity

Welcome to Leicester – perhaps the oldest urban settlement in the country and with a wonderful Dominican history.

If  you are coming for the day to the Assembly on 17th September, the Frassati Centre (the original Holy Cross Church and school) is a short walk from the Station. For parking the most reasonably priced car parks are Dover Street LE1 6PW, Upper Brown Street LE1 6PW and Newarke Street LE1 5SN. There is a car park in East Street but it’s NCP and expensive. Unlike some cities you can drive through Leicester.

If you want accommodation there is a Premier Inn and an Ibis very near to the railway station. Slightly more expensive is the Belmont Hotel in New Walk and the Hotel Brooklyn near the Tigers’ ground, plus the faded Edwardian charm of the Ramada, formerly and still known as the Grand Hotel in Granby Street. It would be worthwhile booking early as Leicester is now quite a tourist centre. Leicester has a profusion of eateries, from Ethiopian to Polish and an amazing range of Indian restaurants.

If you have time to do a spot of tourism, there is the Richard III centre and 12 miles out near Whitwick the Cistercian monastery of Mount St Bernard where Blessed Cyprian Tansi was a monk.


Lay Dominican Assembly Day

Our Lay Dominican Assembly Day will be on 17th September 2022, in Leicester.

The Provincial Council has decided to do things a little differently for our Assembly this year. We feel that as Lay Dominicans and as Fraternities/Fraternal Groups, we need to “re-boot” ourselves after the pandemic. We felt this as a Council and suspect that others are feeling likewise.

We are therefore asking each Fraternity/Fraternal group to chose a member or members, to speak on the following topic:

“Looking towards an apostolic future”.

We are also asking each Fraternity/ Group to produce a poster of what they have done over the 2 years of the pandemic.

For more information on the day, follow the links below

Friars News

Ordinations at Blackfriars

On Sunday 10th July, fr. Thomas Therese Mannion OP was ordained to the diaconate and fr. Albert Elias Robertson OP was ordained to the priesthood.

Congratulations to them both and please keep them in your prayers.

Events North East

North East Study Day: Thomas Aquinas, the Eucharist and Salvation

On Saturday 25th June, the North East group held a study day in Durham, and invited people from across the Diocese to join us, as part of the Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle’s Year of the Eucharist.

During the morning session, Andy Doyle spoke about ‘The Institution of Corpus Christi – The Dominican Connections’. The story started with Juliana of Liege, a Norbertine nun, who worked for the introduction of the feast, wrote the first liturgy, and gained the help and support of her bishop (later Cardinal) Hugh de St Cher OP. In 1264 Urban IV established the Feast of Corpus Christi, and St. Thomas Aquinas was commissioned to write a new Office and Mass for the Feast, and is widely believed to have at least partly drafted the papal bull Transiturus de hoc mundo. St. Thomas was a man of great bodily, spiritual and intellectual integrity, a poet and a man of prayer.

Our keynote speaker was Dr Rik van Nieuwenhove of Durham University, who spoke on ‘St. Thomas Aquinas on the Eucharist and Charity’. He drew on the Summa Theologica iii, q73 and the Commentary on John to encourage us to reflect on St. Thomas’ thinking on the threefold significance of the Eucharist:

  • Sacrifice (the past)
  • Communion (the present)
  • Viaticum (the future)

Dr. Rik’s presentation was followed by some lively questions and conversations leading the participants deeper into the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas.

During the day we also spent time before the Blessed Sacrament, with hymns and readings reflecting St. Thomas’ poetry and prayers, and the service sheet is available here.

Leicester News

Pauline  Burton  RIP

Pauline was educated at St Paul’s Convent Birmingham and the Agricultural College, Penkridge, Staffordshire, and for a time she and her husband David farmed near Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire before David took over the family engineering firm.

Pauline was an outstanding Lay Dominican. When David retired, they sailed their own boat to the Caribbean and worked as catechists  with the Dominican Sisters on St Lucia. Returning to Brixham, inspired by Sylvia Spice, they joined the Marychurch Lay Dominican Fraternity, and here they first met Mary Regan. They moved back to their native West Midlands and transferred to Leicester Fraternity. They always attended Congress, thoroughly enjoying being with fellow lays for a few days in community, organising raffles, bookstalls, auctions, running the bar, and did more than their fair share of washing up.  They were great supporters of the Leicester Open Discussion Days, bankrolling them very discreetly.  They never missed Fraternity Retreats, and  even stayed in their campervan once at Maryvale in order to participate.

Family was at the heart of their faith and they were deeply affected by the premature death of one of their sons. In her widowhood Pauline, as a good lay, belonged to her parish Scripture Group, involved herself with ecumenical activity and was a guide at the Throckmorton House, Coughton Court, associated with recusancy and the Gunpowder Plot. Eventually she was unable to travel to Leicester, so was delighted over the past few months to rejoin the community by zoom.

Pauline not only studied and prayed but also acted (preached)  –  a true Lay Dominican right to the end.  May she rest in peace and join David in their eternal reward.

Janet & Patrick Doyle (Leicester)

Events Jubilee 800

Lay Dominicans meeting with the Master

On Monday 23rd May, the Lay Dominicans of our province met the Master of the Order, fr. Gerard Timoner OP, at Blackfriars in Oxford. Fr. Gerard was in England to celebrate the Jubilee of the 800th anniversary of the arrival of the Dominicans in England, and he spent 2 hours with representatives from fraternities across the province.

Cardiff Professions

Professions in Cardiff

Mass and the Rite of Permanent Promises will be celebrated on Wednesday, 1st June, 7pm at St David’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Charles Street, Cardiff. Fr Robert Gay OP, Prior of Blackfriars, Oxford, will preside.

Three candidates, having completed the discernment period, will be making a lifelong commitment as Lay Dominicans.

Please pray for those making these promises and for the growth of the Dominican family in Wales.

Events North East

Thomas Aquinas, The Eucharist and Salvation

Lay Dominicans North East invite you to a day of study, prayer and reflection on Saturday 25th June, 10:45am to 3:30pm, at St Cuthbert’s church in Durham.

The day keys in to the Hexham & Newcastle Diocesan Year of the Eucharist and is on the theme of ‘Thomas Aquinas, The Eucharist and Salvation’. Our main speaker will be Dr Rik van Nieuwenhove of Durham University and the day will include talks, Mass, prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and a buffet lunch.

There is no charge for the day but, to monitor numbers for catering purposes, please book by contacting Andy Doyle at or 0798 543 4185.

London News

Admission in the London Fraternity

On 8th May, Alessandro was admitted to the London fraternity. We welcome him with joy!

Events London

Civil Communication

On Sunday 12th June, the London fraternity will host a workshop by Catholic Voices on reframing and the principles of civil communication: about how we can best share the good news of our Catholic faith with family and friends (or even in the public sphere), and how to handle difficult conversations about faith and the Church.

We would like to extend the invitation to any Lay Dominicans (admitted or professed) from other fraternities who want to join us for the afternoon. Contact Catherine, fraternity president, for details.

Please note that, owing to space restrictions, this event is open to Lay Dominicans only .