Community is an important part of Dominican life. The Lay Dominicans of the English province meet regularly with their local fraternity, but we also play our part in the life of the province as a whole, working together to support each other and to share our apostolate.

We all come together at the Assembly, which generally takes place once a year in the autumn, and we meet with the rest of the Dominican family at the annual Dominican Seminar.

We also publish a newsletter called ‘Veritas’.

The Lay Provincial Council

The Lay Provincial Council promotes the development, growth and vitality of the Fraternities and Fraternal Groups whilst safeguarding the traditional and specific values of the Order of Preachers.

The Council is elected at a Lay Provincial Chapter, and its 8 members serve for a period of 4 years, supported by the Provincial Promoter and a representative of the Dominican Association.

The Lay Provincial Council, October 2022