North West

North West Lay Dominican Fraternal Group

Croeso! Fáilte! Welcome!

The North West Lay Dominican Fraternal Group (NWLDFG) meets once every two months on the fourth Saturday of the month. We are always looking for new members and guests to join our meetings. For more information please email Ray Bayliss, Convenor

Our meetings normally rotate between three locations – Manchester, Liverpool and Stone, Staffordshire, in that order. We meet for a full half-day twice a year in each location. For the intervening months we meet on a Friday evening online on the fourth Friday of the month, excepting December when we meet the week before Christmas.

Our programme is as follows:

Manchester – January & July

Liverpool – March & September

Stone – May & November

The Fraternal Group is formally registered with the Archdiocese of Liverpool but also has approval in the Archdiocese of Birmingham and the Diocese of Salford. In addition to these locations, members are drawn from a wider area including the Dioceses of Lancaster, Shrewsbury and the North Wales Diocese of Wrexham.

Anyone interested to come and see us, we are delighted to hear from you.

Ray Bayliss, Convenor, NWLFG, 31 March 2022