Dominicans have never been in any doubt about the importance of community in the development of each person. We are not autonomous, individual selves but the products of our various communities. It is there that we are given our identities and are allowed to flourish, and we do this in communion not just with those living, but with all those who have gone before us and will come after us: the Communion of Saints.

Lay Dominicans live fully in the world and live out their vocation to the Order at home and at work. For most Lay Dominicans (but not all) community life is primarily experienced within the family and in the workplace.

In addition to this, we all belong to a fraternity and experience living in community there, supporting and helping one another and living in charity towards everyone. As well as places of prayer, Lay Dominican Fraternities are places of healing, compassion and joy, spaces to share experiences and receive support. Above all, Fraternities should reflect the words of Jesus “that they may be one, even as we are one” (Jn. 17.11).

Above all we try to live in humility and compassion, supporting our wider communities in all their needs, hopes and fears and letting our commitment overflow in any way we can, into spreading the Word and love of God.