Preaching is the special vocation of the Dominican Order and Lay Dominicans hold an important place in this mission. The other pillars of Dominican life (prayer, study and communal life) are vital in forming us as effective preachers.

‘Lay men and women offer a unique vision of preaching and living the Gospel because of their total insertion into society with all of its secular, economic and political realities. They are able to live shoulder to shoulder with men and women whom our other religious brothers and sisters will hardly have contact. The friars and sisters need their vision and expertise’

Acta of the General Chapter of Bologna 1998 (paragraph 34.1 and 34.4)

Lay Dominicans preach in innumerable ways, each one of us according to our gifts and state in life. Amongst us, for example, are teachers, musicians, journalists, artists, youth workers, writers, librarians, academics, lawyers, university chaplains, servicemen and scientists.

Above all we preach in the way that we live.

” The vocation of all members of the Dominican Family is to offer words that give life. All day long we are offering words to each other; we joke and tease, we exchange information, we gossip, we repeat the news, and talk about the people who are not in the room. Do these words offer life or death, healing or hurt?… “

fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, to all members of the Dominican Family in Manila 2000

The Universal Vocation to Preach

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