Lights in the Vault of Heaven

Alix Murray is a Lay Dominican in the Oxford Fraternity. In this Podcast she talks with Kathryn Laffrey about the art of the British monastic isle of Lindisfarne with its ancient Christian faith and history of Viking raids, including such artifacts as the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Doomsday Stone, in a conversation which encourages listeners

Anna Baidoun RIP

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Anna Baidoun, who died this morning. Anna was a Lay Dominican of the Oxford Fraternity, who served as President of the fraternity, and also as secretary to the Lay Provincial Council. Anna’s funeral will take place at Blackfriars on Tuesday 10th October at 11.00 am. The

New Oxford Fraternity Council

On July 19th 2023, Philip Owens was elected as President. Other positions were delegated as follows: Treasurer – Gigi Horsfeid Formation Officer – Christian Leitmeir Secretary – Mary-Jane Steijger Enquirers and “Keeping-in-touch” Officers – Alexandria Murray and Rhona Lewis Communications Officer – Teresa Jankowska Please keep the Council in your prayers

Oxford Community Passion Play

Lay Dominicans are members of the Order of Preachers, and preaching can take many different forms.  This Holy Week, one member of the Oxford Fraternity collaborated with other Christians in the city to produce the Oxford Community Passion Play 2022 at St Matthew’s Church in Hinksey.  The photographs here show Lay Dominican Ambrose Hogan working