The Dominican Family

The Lay Dominicans of the English Province of the Order of Preachers are part of the Dominican Family.

As members of the Order, they share its apostolic mission, by study, prayer and preaching according to the state proper to lay persons.

Rule of the Lay Fraternities of St. Dominic, para 4


For civil purposes, the Lay Dominicans are an unincorporated association. Lay Dominicans meet together in fraternities, groups of people coming together for a common purpose, linked together by the Directory which sets out the ways in which the Rule is applied in the Province and by the Lay Provincial Council. We are not a limited company or a registered charity. The Lay Dominicans of the Province are not part of the registered charities of the Dominican Friars of the English Province.

Data Protection

We collect data about the Lay Dominicans of the Province both at Fraternity and at Provincial Level.


Each fraternity is an individual community and has its own arrangements for meeting. If you would like to know more about safeguarding, please contact your local fraternity president. If you have any safeguarding concerns please contact