Dominicans on Radio Maria: 7 February

On Monday 7 February, at 11.15am, you can hear Fr. Dominic White OP and Marystella Ramirez Guerra, a Lay Dominican, talking on Radio Maria’s ‘Word of Life’ programme.

Fr. Dominic and Marystella will be talking about their work with the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, the Roman Catholic House of the Cambridge Theological Federation. The Institute works in collaboration with other Christian (Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran, United Reformed) houses of the Foundation, providing research and teaching courses for the Universities of Cambridge, Durham, and Anglia Ruskin, for people training in Christian Theology for ordained and lay ministry, as well as working with local dioceses on the Certificate in Religious Studies.

Fr. Dominic, who is Director of Research, will be talking about the formal degrees the Institute offers and Marystella will focus on the current lecture series ‘Women Who Changed the Church’.