There were five Dominican priories in Wales in the Middle Ages, the first being founded at Haverford West and there are outline remains of the Cardiff friary at Cardiff. The Lay Dominicans say the rosary on the nearest Saturday to feast of the Assumption in the ruins of the of the Dominican friary in Cardiff castle grounds. The friary was excavated by the third Marquess of Bute (Cardiff’s local aristocrat) in the late 19th century.

Ruins of Blackfriars, Cardiff
Monument at Blackfriars, Cardiff

The only existing remains standing are those of the Brecon friary which have been incorporated into a public school there. The choir of the friary is now the school chapel. The Welsh Dominicans do not seem to have made much impact on Welsh history – the Franciscans are mentioned more frequently. But there were several Welsh Dominican bishops in England.

The Lay Dominican Fraternal Group was set up in 2016.