Lay Dominican Assembly: Welcome from the Leicester Fraternity

Welcome to Leicester – perhaps the oldest urban settlement in the country and with a wonderful Dominican history.

If  you are coming for the day to the Assembly on 17th September, the Frassati Centre (the original Holy Cross Church and school) is a short walk from the Station. For parking the most reasonably priced car parks are Dover Street LE1 6PW, Upper Brown Street LE1 6PW and Newarke Street LE1 5SN. There is a car park in East Street but it’s NCP and expensive. Unlike some cities you can drive through Leicester.

If you want accommodation there is a Premier Inn and an Ibis very near to the railway station. Slightly more expensive is the Belmont Hotel in New Walk and the Hotel Brooklyn near the Tigers’ ground, plus the faded Edwardian charm of the Ramada, formerly and still known as the Grand Hotel in Granby Street. It would be worthwhile booking early as Leicester is now quite a tourist centre. Leicester has a profusion of eateries, from Ethiopian to Polish and an amazing range of Indian restaurants.

If you have time to do a spot of tourism, there is the Richard III centre and 12 miles out near Whitwick the Cistercian monastery of Mount St Bernard where Blessed Cyprian Tansi was a monk.