Learning Catholic Belief and Doctrine with Thomas Aquinas

This 8 week course provides an overview of basic Catholic belief and doctrine, based on the treatment of the “Angelic Doctor,” St. Thomas Aquinas.  You will be introduced to the overall structure of Aquinas’ thought in general, and learn how to utilize the Summa theologiae, with opportunities for discussion and questions.

1Happiness or Beatitude, What is It and How to Get There
2The Mystery of Holy Trinity: Processions, Relations, and Persons
3Human Passions / Emotions
4Virtues and Vices
5Prayer and the Spiritual Life
6The Incarnation
7Christ’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection and the Last Judgment
8Sacraments: Living with Jesus Now

Leader:  Sr. Magdalene Eitenmiller, O.P.

Cost:  £200

Dates: 4 October to 22 November 2022; 8 weeks

Time:  5:30pm to 7:00pm London time

Method:  Onsite at MBIT in Cambridge OR online by Zoom

To register, email apply@mbit.cam.ac.uk.  This course requires a short application form to be completed by the student.