St. Dominic and his Preachers of Grace

On 23 and 24 June, the Dominican friars in Edinburgh hosted a conference entitled ‘St. Dominic and his Preachers of Grace’. Members of the Dominican family spoke about the past, present and future of the Order in our province and particularly in Scotland.

Fr. Dermot Morrin OP hosted the conference.

The past: Fr. Richard Finn OP gave an overview of the history of the Dominicans in Scotland from 1230, and Fr. Fergus Kerr OP shared his memories of the life of the province in the 1950s and 60s.

During the conference, Archbishop Leo Cushley celebrated Mass for us at the Cathedral, and Fr. Timothy Radcliffe OP preached.

The present: Fr. Nick Crowe OP spoke about the intellectual apostolate of the order, and reminded those attending that it matters what we think, and that study is an instrument of of meditation, of penance and of the search for truth.

Margaret Doyle gave an overview of the Lay Dominicans presence in the province, and we heard from the Sr. Angela Marie Russell OP of the sisters of St. Cecilia, Elgin and Sr. Philomena Dzimba OP and SR. Chama Mwila OP of the Dominican Missionary Sisters, about the apostolates of their congregations.

The future: Fr. Timothy Radcliffe OP spoke about ‘Preaching and the Imagination’, and the importance of beauty, goodness and truth, and a panel of young friars, sisters and Lay Dominicans responded.