This year’s seminar took place at Hinsley Hall, Leeds from 1 – 3 March and the theme was ‘Aquinas on the Virtues’. It was a weekend of praying together and socialising, as well as listening to some thought-provoking sessions from our speakers.

Fr. Bob Ombres OP gave an introduction to ‘The Virtues in General’.

Sr. Magdalene Eitenmiller OP spoke about the Cardinal Virtues.

Catherine Wallis-Hughes, a Lay Dominican from London Fraternity, spoke about the Theological Virtues, in particular, charity.

We also heard short sessions about living out the virtues in our everyday life, from fr. David Goodill OP, Sr. Philomena Benedict Le Gall OP and Christophe Fricker, and reports from all the different branches of the Dominican family.