Discovering Jesus through Thomas Aquinas

Sr. Mary Magdalene Eitenmiller will be teaching a Christology course at Margaret Beaufort Institute on Tuesday afternoons (4:30 – 6 pm) from 23 April to 11 June. The course will be offered both in-person (at Wesley House Cambridge) and online. The primary goal of this course is to enable students to gain an overview of St. Thomas Aquinas’s teaching concerning Christ. Students will be introduced to the mystery of the Incarnation, the Person and Natures in Christ (including major heresies to be avoided), Christ’s grace and knowledge, his unity of being, unity of two wills and two operations, his prayer, Christ as priest and mediator, certain mysteries of Christ’s life such as his baptism and Transfiguration, as well as his passion, death, resurrection, ascension, and coming again as judge.

The Eventbrite page to register at is the following: